Ballsy ACC Power Rankings


It was another crazy week in the ACC, yet I’m still stupid enough to try to put a ACC Power Rankings together. I’d be better off letting my cat does these, he’d do just as good.

Anyhow, this week, The Blue Devils saved themselves in Clemson, while another team I had ranked No 2 falls down the rankings. Wake Forest makes the biggest jump up, thus jinxing them for this week, while Carolina stays the same, despite the fact they haven’t won a game in 15 days.

Despite three loses, the Blue Devils are No 3 in the RPI rankings, thanks to a 4-1 record against top-25 teams this season. While Scheyer has gotten tons of (deserved) props this season and has a real shot at league MVP, what about Nolan Smith, doesn’t he deserve it? The short answer is, no. Jon leads Nolan in points, assists and rebounding. However, the long answer is, Scheyer has been in a bit of a shooting slump, while Smith is hitting for the season, 49% from the field, 51% from three and 82% from the free throw line.

While I believe Duke is still the clear No 1 team, I have no clue who the No 2 team is. I’ve had Clemson in this spot, as well as Georgia Tech, so this week I’m rolling with Wake. They’ve won three of four, losing only once to Duke at Duke, where everyone goes to lose. Also, two teams in this conference have only one loss, Maryland and Virginia. Both lost to Wake Forest.

I still don’t think they’re good enough to beat Clemson or Georgia Tech, but we reward winning on these here rankings. The Terps actually lead the ACC in shooting percentage (.486) and are second in ‘scoring margin’ (16.5), behind only Duke. Of course playing teams like Winston-Salem and Longwood helps. We’ll start giving them more props when the schedule starts to get tougher (which is coming up soon).

They were looking like the best team in the ACC thanks to wins over Duke, North Carolina and Clemson, but their front court was manhandled by the Seminoles again. They have a tough task over the next 10 days. First, Wake Forest shows up in Atlanta Thursday. Then after a weekend cupcake (Kentucky State), Tech heads into Cameron. After 10 days, they could be 5-3 in the ACC, yet they could also be 3-5. If I had to guess, I’ll say they’ll be 4-4.

For the Seminoles, they are the league’s best defense. They’re No 2 in scoring defense (60ppg), but first in field goal percentage defense (.355). They also lead the ACC in blocked shots. There is no doubt the Noles can shut down any front court. The problem is, in all their loses, they’ve been lit up by guards.

In their loss to NC State, they held Tracy Smith to seven, but Scott Wood threw down 31. In their loss to Maryland, Vasquez and Eric Hayes combined for 39. Against Ohio State, they held their big men to 7 total points, but Eric Turner scored 25, while Jon Diebler added 22. Against Florida, Gator guard’s Boykin and Turner lead all scorers with 13 each.

When times are tight, someone, anyone needs to step up and be a third-scoring option, particularly on the outside. In their home loss to Duke, Trevor Booker and Demontez Stitt hit 14 shots. The rest of the starters hit one shot. On the bench, only Andre Young contributed with three baskets.

The next two weeks are crucial for Virginia. In reality, they need to go 3-1 in their next four if this mystical ride has any shot at ending at some post-season party. Reason being, three of their next four are all at home and the ACC is all about the home team in 2010. They’ll be visited by Virginia Tech, NC State and Wake Forest. Those are all winnable games at home. After those two weeks, four of their next five our on the road, where teams go to lose.

Can you believe it’s been 15 days since Carolina won a game? Personally, my biggest disappointment, only because it makes me look wrong, has been John Henson. Behind Derrick Favors, I thought Henson would be the second best freshman. Yet, he has just been bad. He has only four more field goals (23) than turnovers (19), all while becoming a huge liability on defense. You know if he was a Blue Devil, he’d be out of Coach K’s rotation by now. I guess you have to hand it to Roy for sticking with the kid, even though he’s now getting less than 10 minutes per game.

What can I say, I just wasn’t impressed with that win over Boston College. Until the numbers start to improve, we’re going to keep quoting those numbers. The Hokies are 70th in RPI. Hell, they’re only the 4th best “Tech” on the RPI, sitting 12 spots behind Louisiana Tech. Of course they can thank their 225th ranked SOS.

By far the most inconsistent offensive team in the ACC. Let’s look at their scoring over their last seven games; 61, 87, 62, 88, 70, 88, 64. This weekend I predicted 67, but they came up three short (not bad). Against North Carolina, I’m going high. I say they score 85 against the Tar Heels.

After watching the last minute against Virginia Tech, I have to ask, which Boston College player owes big to a bookie? How else do you explain all those damn turnovers in the final minute of a game they should have won.

Can there be anything worse in college basketball than a week off right in the middle of a three-game losing trip. The answer is yes. They could make you go to Maryland next.