If Duke was a Woman, Will Brinson Would Need A Restraining Order

Will Brinson is a ‘writer’ over at the Fanhouse (we don’t know what he actually looks like. We could probably Google him, but the photo on the right is probably pretty close). Anyhow, Will seems to be a bit obsessed with a particular basketball team out of Durham, North Carolina. Maybe Will’s just a smart man. Even he knows if you write about Duke, thousands of visitor hits are soon to follow. /

Now don’t get me wrong, Will appears to be a decent writer. He’s certainly not fawning over the Devils, and I wouldn’t call him a hater (although he seems to think Duke is the only team that doesn’t get called for traveling. So much so he can’t help but post video of it whenever possible). However, there’s focusing on a team, and then there’s obsessing over a team. Will my boy, you’ve crossed that line.

His last post, about another writer’s article about the Cameron Crazies, was just there to remind everyone that he was the first person to say the Crazies had lost their edge. (Note to Will: you’re not the first. It’s the same tired article written every five or so years). Anyhow, two articles doesn’t make someone obsessed, far from it. However, despite the fact that Will appears to be a college basketball writer, not restricted to any particular team, or league, or region (yep, Will can write about any of the hundreds of Division I basketball programs), 11 of Will’s last 29 postings on Fanhouse has been about the one, the only, Duke Blue Devils. 11! Despite all the recent great plays, great stories, bubble teams, and the battle for #1, Duke has been the subject of 38% of Will’s posts.

Now it becomes easy to understand when the average hater says, all the media talks about is Duke. The irony is, Will Brinson of Fanhouse (who’s technically a blogger, not a writer), probably things he’s the anti-ESPN (the ones who are suppose to be fixated about all things Duke). He probably things he’s clever by reporting on the things ESPN doesn’t bother with; traveling videos, Chants from the Crazies and of course, Greg Paulus vs. the Tea Bags.

Now my curiosity is peaking. Is this a new obsession or does Will have Duke on the mind all the time? After watching the Duke/FSU game, eating, doing some laundry and satisfying the wife in bed (yes, I make her chant “Go Duke!”, I finally had some time to research it. Out of Will’s last 75 posts, 22 were about Duke (and we didn’t even include the posts where Duke could be found within a post, like his rankings). Obviously he’s picked up his pace recently, but since February 20th, that’s 22 posts. That’s still an impressive 29%, which is better than Elliot Williams three-point average.

Again, it’s not all hate and it’s not all bad. Some of it is just game results and ragging on Coach K’s ‘no respect’ with the local newspapers, but for whatever reason, Will seems particularly consumed with the Cameron Crazies. He’s got three posts just for the Duke student section all detailing how unfunny and uncreative they are. Of course, he’s the same guy who gives props to fans who prank call the Blue Devils and chant tea-bag Paulus, while their team loses yet again to Paulus’ current team. Seriously Will, did a Duke student steal your prom date back in the day?

Come on, Will. We think it’s time to move on.