Recruiting Update, Feb '07


Let’s go ahead and take a look at where we are in recruiting.

2008 Recruiting

Duke has landed commitments from two Rivals-150 guys:Elliot Williams, 6-4 shooting guard from MemphisOlek Czyz, 6-7 power forward from Reno, Nevada
Duke has landed commitments from two Rivals-150 guys:Elliot Williams, 6-4 shooting guard from MemphisOlek Czyz, 6-7 power forward from Reno, Nevada /

Obviously, Williams is the big catch, ranked #16 on Rivals-150 (3rd best SG). He’s a lefty who knows how to get to the basket. He has the talent to walk right in and replace Nelson. Czyz is ranked #102 (16th best PF). He’s got the body to handle the power forward load (6-7, 235), so he should fit in nicely with a front court rotation of Singler, Thomas, Zoeback and Taylor. Rivals describes him as an “Athletic forward with a great motor.”

While this isn’t bad, Duke is hoping to bring in at least one more. In fact, they need to, especially in the front court. Carolina has three Rivals-150’s coming in next year, including 6-11 center Tyler Zeller and 6-8 Ed Davis. Add in the fact that UNC has already landed FOUR Rivals-150’s for 2009 (while Duke has none), it once again appears Coach K has fallen behind Roy Williams in the recruiting.

So who else is Duke looking at in 2008? John Riek (Center)
Yep, that’s it. He’s a Sudanese center who stands 7-2. He’s currently doing a post-graduate year, so technically he could go pro. However, he’s on the light side (240) and he could certainly use a couple years of college ball to improve both his size and learn an offensive move or two.

He’s been offered a scholarship by Connecticut, Duke, Florida and Georgetown. While Duke had success with foreign players (Deng) and they’ve had some solid big men in the past; Williams, Brand, Boozer, they tend to be more of the power forward mold. If I was a betting man (which I am), I suspect our man Reik will end up in Georgetown’s lap.

2009 Recruiting:

#4 Lance Stephenson, 6-5 G – He’s suppose to be on the top of Duke’s wish list, but it’s still way too early to tell.

#7 Kenny Boynton, 6-2 G – Duke has offered the guard a scholarship (so has 10 other schools). He recently dropped 40 points with Coach K in attendance.

#9 John Wall, 6-3 G – The local speedster (from Raleigh) has received eight offers, but none from Duke yet.

#17 Leslie McDonald, 6-4 G – Rumors had him leaning towards UNC, but he recently had a visit by the entire Duke coaching staff and he says his options are still wide open. Duke has offered Leslie a scholarship.

#18 Terrell Vinson, 6-5, F – There’s been some calls between Wojo and the family, but it’s still too early.

#22 DeShawn Painter, 6-8 C – The coaches have had some talks with Painter, but so have a lot of schools. However, Duke is in the market big time for some big men, so Painter will probably get the full court press soon enough.

#33 Jamil Wilson, 6-7 F – Wilson hails from Wisconsin (and no, he’s not white). Shocking, I know. He’s gotten three offers, but none from Duke. He’d be a great fit, but right now he looks like a long shot.

#36 Mfon Udofia, 6-2 G – He’s gotten a handful of offers already, but none from Duke. He’s on Duke’s radar, but don’t expect much for now.

#38 Elijah Johnson, 6-2 G – He’s a point guard and he’s a slasher. He’s also been a lifelong Jayhawk fan.

#39 Jon Hood, 6-6 G – He’s tall and he can shoot (Singler, anyone?). He’s gotten seven offers already, but none from Duke.

#45 Greg Echenique 6-8 C – Another big man, high on Duke’s list. He’s only 6-8 (small for a center), but he comes in as a solid 263. Can you say Elton Brand? Duke has offered him a scholarship, as has Maryland, Memphis, Miami, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Rutgers and Pennsylvania.

#87 Michael Dixon, 6-0 G – he’s a scoring PG who could replace Paulus in ’09. However, he’s got a lot of interests, and don’t be surprised if he remains home in Missouri.

One dark horse has been 6-11, DaShonte Riley (ranked #13). Rumors are flying that Duke is interested in the big man from Michigan, but at this point, nothing officially has changed.