Yeah, we are having a new feature over here at this fantastic blog. This feature is in response to Matt at‘s Duke Hater’s Den feature. It is something I would like to call The Hater’s Guide To The UNC Tar Holes.

Click the jump for more info:

The feature is self-explanatory. If you’re dumb (which I don’t believe you are, because you like Duke), then the feature is going to be a stream of posts that hate on the North Carolina Tar Holes… I mean, uh… Tar Heels.

So for now, I will wait to hate on UNC. Besides, they already hear too much of it, I presume. The first hate post will be as soon as possible. Be sure to keep checking for Matt’s responses as well as his own Duke hate posts. Yes, I know it pains you, sizzles your eyes, and makes you convulse to visit that blog. But you can man up. We’re Duke fans here, right? RIGHT.

Anyway, enjoy the next couple of days before Duke gets paid a visit from Virginia. We should beat them. It’s at Cameron Indoor Stadium, shouldn’t that mean that Duke automatically wins?

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